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 * EffecTV - Realtime Digital Video Effector
 * Copyright (C) 2001-2006 FUKUCHI Kentaro
 * screen.h: header for screen manager

#ifndef __SCREEN_H__
#define __SCREEN_H__

#include <SDL/SDL.h>

extern SDL_Surface *screen; /* display surface */
extern int stretch;         /* flag for stretching requirement */
extern int doublebuf;       /* flag for double buffering */
extern int fullscreen;      /* flag for fullscreen mode */
extern int hwsurface;       /* flag for hardware surface */
extern int screen_width;
extern int screen_height;
extern int screen_scale;

/* description of these functions are in screen.c */
int screen_init(int w, int h, int s);
void screen_quit(void);
int screen_bpp(void);
void screen_setcaption(const char *str);
void screen_clear(int color);
void screen_fullscreen(void);
int screen_lock(void);
void screen_unlock(void);

#define screen_getaddress() (screen->pixels)
unsigned char *screen_getaddress(void);

#define screen_update() (SDL_Flip(screen))
int screen_update(void);

#endif /* __SCREEN_H__ */

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